Proof Sunday Laws are Being Promoted and Enforced Now (Intro)

This is the introduction to the news headlines which are presented at my post titled Proof Sunday Laws Being Promoted and Enforced Now.

Before we get to the headlines, a few things should probably be pointed out. While these things may sound like a good thing to many, given the present moral crisis, here’s why Christians (and non-Christians) should actually be extremely alarmed by these things: 1) the Bible puts forth the Seventh day Sabbath (saturday), never sunday, as the day God says is to be set aside for rest and worship (see article Sabbath vs. Sunday). 2) Jesus made a distinction (separation) between church and state (Mt. 22:21; Jn. 18:36). 3) God created men with freewill, He never forced people to worship Him (let alone appeal to civil government to force them to worship Him) 4) over 1500 years of very well documented history prove that every single time religion (especially that which calls itself ‘Christian’) and civil government unite, it always results in extreme persecution and bloodshed, even of Christians, i.e. those who may interpret the Bible differently and therefore aren’t able to submit to the state state enforced creed. That’s the whole reason the Pilgrim’s came to America in the first place, and why religious liberty was framed as the first amendment in the Bill of rights/Constitution.  5) According to scripture sunday has to be infamous mark of the beast of Bible Prophecy. Not only does God plainly state that the Saturday Sabbath is His mark (Ezek. 20:12) the beast herself (the roman papacy) has actually boasted many times that sunday is her “mark”, see pgs. 23-28). And according to Bible prophecy the enforcement of mark of the beast comes about as the result of a church/state union known as the image (which can also be interpreted to mean likeness, Gen. 1:27) of the beast or roman papacy (again refer to study just linked), i.e. a church/state and persecuting power. Now, that being said, while sunday is the mark of the beast, it should be understood that it’s observance doesn’t become the salvation/damnation issue described in the book of revelation (which ushers in the end of the world and return of Christ) until it’s enforced upon the entire world (which will start in America). Those who loved God and kept sunday as the sabbath up until that point, who didn’t know any better, will not be condemned for it. This issue is merely the culmination of an age long conflict between true and false worship, exclusive to the endtimes, when mankind will be without excuse, living during information age we live in, and of which the observance of the one day vs. the other is merely a sign or indication of allegiance/worship: either to God’s word or traditions of men. The notion that there could ever come a time when sunday observance would be enforced must be taken seriously, for all across the united states, dating back to colonial times, there’ve existed laws forbidding sales and other activities on sundays in America (See Blue Laws in the United States), and likewise in other countries around the world (see Blue Laws, Sunday Shopping), and that the first sunday law was actually passed in 321 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Constantine. The list of headlines below can in no way be considered exhaustive, as of November 2019, new headlines are coming out every day showing making even more evident the inevitability of this interpretation of prophecy. You will also see several headlines using major celebrities (idols) to promote the “christian” faith. Many of these celebrities are musicians. Just as the musicians and prominent men in Daniel’s day were used to get people to worship the image (Dan. 3:2, 7) so too it is proving to be the case in forcing the worship (or obedience, Rom 6:16) of the image (Rev. 13:15) in our time.

Okay, now let’s get to the headlines.

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