Corona Virus News Headlines


All a Show: Media Caught removing, and with no masks on after Press Briefing (5/12/20)

Bakersfield ER Doctors drop a bomb on COVID scam (4/22/20)


Meat Shortage Concerns Grow As Workers Test Positive For Coronavirus (4/15/20)

US may have to endure social distancing until 2022 if no vaccine is quickly found, scientists predict (4/15/20)

Doctors Threatened with $13,000 Fine for Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment (4/14/20)

Director of California Department of Public Health: “This is not about going back to where we were before. It’s about going forward in ways that are healthy for all of us. But it won’t look the same.” (4/14/20)

Coronavirus Update: NYC Death Toll Rises Above 10,000 After Officials Add Thousands Of Previously Uncounted Victims (4/14/20)

You Will Test Positive SHARE THIS (4/12/20)

Far worse to come: COVID-19 collapse of state and local governments (4/12/20)

Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O (4/12/20)


Virus Hysteria Adds $10 Trillion To The National Debt (4/12/20)

Gov Cuomo refers to COVID-19 as a Preparation Drill (4/12/20)

Coronavirus: Trump has declared major disaster in all 50 states at once, first time in history (4/12/20)

REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated (4/12/20)

Coronavirus contact tracking app sparks privacy fears (4/12/20)

Kentucky Church Packed for Easter Service – Governor Sends State Troopers And Nails Appeared To Have Been Dumped At The Entrances To Block Cars From Entering (4/12/20)

“Run On Banks” in Russia #COVID19 (4/12/20)

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci said if President Donald Trump had listened to top officials who wanted the shutdown to begin in February, fewer lives would have been lost to the coronavirus pandemic. (4/12/20)

Courier With Coronavirus Samples Crashes On I-195 In Massachusetts (4/12/20)

Why Did 21 Million Phone Numbers Disappear from China After Coronavirus Outbreak? (4/11/20)

Disney World to furlough 43,000 workers due to coronavirus pandemic (4/11/20)

U.S. COVID-19 deaths reach 20,200, surpassing Italy as highest in the world (4/11/20)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans Buying US Flags During Lockdown (4/11/20)

Apple, Google announce plan to help people trace possible coronavirus exposure (4/11/20)

JPMorgan Chase to raise mortgage borrowing standards as economic outlook darkens (4/11/20)

Washington Times: “Gates and Fauci: Unelected destroyers of freedom” (4/11/20)

Kentucky To Record License Plates At Church Services, Quarantine Car Occupants (4/11/20)

NYC public schools to remain closed for rest of the year, de Blasio says (4/11/20)

The coronavirus pandemic could threaten global food supply, UN warns (4/11/20)

do riders know that they might be pulled off a SEPTA bus by 10 cops for not having a mask? (4/10/20)

Michigan Governor Now Tells Home Depot to Shut Down Unnecessary Flooring, Tiles and Garden Centers (4/10/20)

Michigan: Fruit and vegetable plants ‘nonessential’ under governor’s order (4/10/20)

‘Hope to God it’s the right decision’: Trump to name second coronavirus task force focused on ‘reopening’ (4/10/20)

BLOOD ON HIS HANDS? New Yorkers Furious Governor Cuomo Denied Coronavirus Treatment To Thousands (4/10/20)

Six THOUSAND families line up in their cars for hours at a food bank in San Antonio as millions across the country turn to charity organizations to keep from going hungry during coronavirus lockdown (4/10/20)

Boston suburb sets up one-way sidewalks to allow residents to practice social distancing – and police will hand out $100 fines to anyone who walks in the wrong direction (4/10/20)

Utah governor orders all adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans (4/10/20)

Mike Huckabee Files Federal Lawsuit Against County and Law Enforcement For Blocking Use of His Private Beach During Coronavirus Lockdown (4/10/20)

Coronavirus: US officials knew of Wuhan health crisis in November, a second report claims (4/10/20)

Los Angeles County to Extend Stay-Home Order to May 15 (4/10/20)

Korea: 91 recovered virus patients test positive again: KCDC (4/10/20)

UK Police stop children playing in their garden (4/10/20)

Images show mass burials at NYC public cemetery (4/10/20)

Greater Cleveland Food Bank says it has about 3 weeks of food left as demand rises (4/920)

ICU nurse of 30 years: we’re being forced to inflate pandemic numbers – everything is “COVID-19” (4/9/20)


Oversight erased, Supreme Court hijacked: Trump turns the presidency into a dictatorship (4/9/20

Man jogging on beach during lock down chased by police (4/9/20)

Colorado Police ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Arresting Father Caught Playing Ball With His Daughter In an Empty Park (4/9/20)

A Shocking 17 Million Americans Have Filed For Unemployment In Past 3 Weeks (4/9/20)

Nearly 900K Michigan students to receive food stamp benefits to battle meal shortages amid coronavirus outbreak (4/9/20)

Pelosi warns Trump not to reopen country too soon (4/9/20)

Mike Pence Bans Coronavirus Task Force from CNN Until Network Broadcasts Full Briefings (4/9/20)

Snowden Warns Governments Are Using Coronavirus to Build ‘the Architecture of Oppression’ (4/9/20)

IMF: World faces ‘worst economic fallout since Great Depression’ (4/9/20)

Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is ‘Nature’s Response’ to Human Inaction over Climate Change (4/9/20)

Police Raid Church’s Drive-In Service, Issue $500 Tickets to Entire Congregation (4/9/20)

No return to ‘normality’ until coronavirus vaccine is available, Trudeau says (4/9/20)

Crisis Averted: New York Hospitalizations Plunge (4/9/20)

Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky — PRIOR LEAK KILLED RESEARCHER (4/9/20)

UK: Shoppers claim they’re being fined for buying ‘non-essentials’ (4/9/20)

UK: Police threaten to search shopping trolleys to check you’re only buying essentials (4/9/20)

There are THREE distinct strains of the novel coronavirus in the world and while China’s epidemic was driven by an early mutation that quickly spread in the UK, the US is suffering from an original variation (4/9/20)

A 2017 Pentagon Memo Foretold Today’s Pandemic With Creepy Accuracy (4/8/20)

Food supply shutdown: US meat processing plants suspend operations, dairy farmers told to quit, farmers dumping produce (4/8/20)

FOOD SHUTDOWN: Farmers Told to “QUIT FARMING” (4/8/20)

New study investigates California’s possible herd immunity to COVID-19 (4/8/20)

Hospital are laying off workers in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic (4/8/20)

MN Senator Dr Scott Jensen on being told by MN Dept of Health to classify non-CV deaths as CV deaths (4/8/20)

China Closes Russia Border, Puts New City Into Wuhan-Style Lockdown to Contain Pandemic (4/8/20)

World Health Organization chief response to Trump: ‘Behave’ (4/8/20)

Coronavirus could push half a billion people into poverty, Oxfam warns (4/8/20)

Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order Allowing Illegal Immigrants Access To Virus Relief Funds (4/8/20)

42% of those killed by COVID-19 in U.S. are black, analysis of available data shows (4/8/20)

Freelance Investigation: CV19 Vaccination WILL be REQUIRED of All Americans  (4/8/20)

According to new FED rules: “essential workers” who’ve been exposed to CoVid19 may return to work (4/8/20)

Sweedish Epidemiologist: There may be up to nine out of ten who may not have as many symptoms as they see (4/8/20)

Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system (4/8/20)

Computer issues at SBA delay small business loans (4/8/20)

FL Supreme Court extending Emergency Provisions through May 29th (4/8/20)

Nearly a third of apartment renters failed to pay landlords for April (4/8/20)

Former Secretary of Homeland Security: Coronavirus crisis won’t end until we have a vaccine (4/8/20)

DOCTOR VERIFIES what we’ve all read – Being Asked to FORGE Death Certificates (4/7/20)

Baltimore police launch investigation into video that appears to show an officer repeatedly coughing on residents (4/7/20)

Coronavirus explodes across poor and vulnerable populations in the South (4/7/20)

NYC park-goers threaten to spit, cough on cops enforcing social distancing (4/7/20)

Italian minister says coronavirus ‘tsunami’ is slowly starting to back down but ‘hugs and kisses’ won’t return without a vaccine (4/7/20)

WHO health emergencies director advocates government snatch and grab teams to forcefully remove, detain, COVID-19 positive family members, children, from homes (4/7/20)

$200,000,000,000 In Coronavirus Relief May Get Lost To Fraud (4/7/20)

Fauci of Trump’s Corona Virus Taskforce: people should ‘just forget about shaking hands’ even after the coronavirus threat is over (4/7/20)

Report: Wuhan Funeral Homes Burned Coronavirus Victims Alive (4/7/20)

BUSTED! Bill Gates Slips, Reveals TERRIFYING Coronavirus ENDGAME, Ted Talk Covers It up (4/6/20)

U.S. Coronavirus Hospitalizations Lower than Predicted: NY Marks 75% Drop (4/6/20)

Second and third round of lockdowns predicted

Police in Louisiana town uses ‘Purge siren’ to signal curfew (4/6/20)

Supreme Court Gives Cops “Free Rein” To Stop Cars (4/6/20)

Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated (4/6/20)

BREAKING: WHO Director Faces More Calls To Resign Over Alleged Coronavirus Cover-Up (4/6/20)

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Including Crypt, Will Become a Hospital (4/6/20)

Drone footage captures prisoners digging graves in hazmat suits on Hart Island as NYC eyes it as a mass temporary burial site for coronavirus victims (4/6/20)

Netanyahu Announces Full Lockdown Of Israel Ahead Of Passover (4/6/20)

Spain is moving to establish permanent basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (4/6/20)

WATCH: CBS News Posts Fraudulent Video Of ICU Nurse Crying Over Poor Working Conditions (4/6/20)

Here’s How Well CT Residents Comply With Stay-At-Home Advisory
Cellphone tracking data shows how Connecticut is doing compared to the nation as a whole. (4/6/20)

HUGE! Official IMHE Model for Coronavirus Used by CDC Just Cut Their Numbers by Half!… They’re Making It Up As the Go Along! (4/6/20)

“Immunity Certificates” Are Coming – COVID-Survivors To Get ‘Special Passports’ Enabling Return To ‘Normalcy’ (4/6/20)

US Farmers destroy crops grown for restaurants, hotels (4/6/20)

New Jersey: 20 Temporary Morgues Prepare for “Virus’ toll” (4/6/20)

Person has cops called on them by neighbor for working out in their own front lawn (4/5/20)

Michigan Nurse Demonstrates How Easy Coronavirus Cross-Contamination Can Be (4/5/20)

Surgeon General: “It’s tragically fitting that we are talking at the beginning of Holy Week. This is going to be the hardest and saddest week of MOST Americans lives…our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment” (4/5/20)

YouTube moves to limit spread of false coronavirus 5G theory (4/5/20)

Onondaga County, NY calls for voluntary shelter in place, where: If you were born in an even year, such as 1970, then run errands and go to county parks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you were born in an odd year, such as 1971, then go out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sundays will alternate. (4/5/20)

Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for coronavirus (4/5/20)

Leaf blowers banned for use in Sleepy Hollow (NY) for duration of coronavirus pandemic (4/5/20)

Walmart will start counting shoppers at the door and limiting how many can enter (4/5/20)

Tracking site suggests White House model is overestimating coronavirus hospitalizations (4/5/20)

President of Spain plans to isolate and “house” the asymptomatic  (4/5/20)

The Recession Bread Lines Are Forming in Mar-a-Lago’s Shadow (4/4/20)

Thousands of applicants, zero loans: Trump’s small businesses lending program is a failure to launch (4/4/20)

CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You’re Just Assuming or It Only Contributed (4/4/20)

Bill Gates: Until masses Vaccinated, government opening back up nation may not happen (4/4/20)

Donald Trump Predicts ‘Horrendous’ Coronavirus Deaths in Coming Days (4/4/20)

One-way Aisles: You are now only allowed to enter grocery aisles in walmart from a single direction (4/3/20)

Paddleboarder Arrested In Malibu For Refusing To Exit Water (4/3/20)

Locked in Cages, Beaten and Shamed: Virus Laws Lead to Abuses (4/3/20)

Wisconsin farmers forced to dump milk as coronavirus slams a fragile dairy economy (4/3/20)

US will only be issuing passports in “life-or-death emergencies,” in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 (4/3/20)

From a 2015 news report: Chinese scientists created or bio-engineered a supervirus, using the coronavirus found in bats (4/3/20)

Dr. Fauci of Trump’s Covid-19 Taskforce: ‘I Don’t Understand’ Why The Entire Country Isn’t Under Stay-At-Home Orders (4/3/20)

Freelance Investigation: my husband is a subcontractor at a FEMA camp in Montana and he took these photos (4/3/20)

Google has released its mobile phone users’ location data for 131 countries, hoping that the trove will show whether people are obeying the world’s various lockdowns and social distancing measures. (4/3/20)


Department of Labor: NY may not have enough money for all unemployment claims (4/3/20)

Coronavirus at beaches? Surfers, swimmers should stay away, scientist says (4/2/20)


Freelance Investigation: Worldwide Lockdown Over the Common Cold? (4/1/20)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia’s coronavirus bans, restrictions and shutdowns are here to stay until at least October or until we have a vaccine (4/2/20)

Guy refuses to be tested for COVID-19 coronavirus, denies it exists & fights with hospital staff (4/2/20)

Martial Law Is Inevitable – This isn’t some conspiracy theory nonsense. This is for real, and you need to start considering the ramifications

And Yet Another instance of CoVid-19 Predictive programming: “Corona Virus, straight from Rome” (4/2/20)

Why Is Congress on Recess in the Middle of a Pandemic? (4/2/20)

Dr. Anthony Fauci Beefs Up Security Amid Growing Death Threats (4/2/20)

UN Wants a 10% Global Tax to Pay for New “Shared Responsibility” Program to Address Coronavirus Pandemic (4/2/20)

‘A perfect storm’: US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars (4/2/20)

COVID-19 Endgame | A Civil Liberties Crisis | EYES ON THE TIMES

New US jobless claims double to 6.6 million in one week (4/2/20)

DC residents could be jailed for leaving home during coronavirus lockdown (4/1/20)

Food Shortages in China (4/1/20)

Philippines President: “I’ll send you to the grave!’ Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’ (4/1/20)

Freelance Investigation: Stores starting to create queues to limit number of people in store at one time [note from editor: I can confirm this happened at my walmart too in the last 24 hours, email me I will send pictures] (4/1/20) – Another freelance report here.

Flint, MI instituting city-wide curfew amid COVID-19 outbreak for 30 days (4/1/20)

Freelance Investigation: Babies dying from Corona Virus? (4/1/20)

Britain: 3,000 reservists called up to join Ministry of Defence’s response to fight Corona Virus (4/1/20)

Benson and Hedges cigarette giant British American Tobacco “(BAT)” **** claims it has developed a coronavirus vaccine made from tobacco plants and can manufacture 3million a week starting in June (4/1/20)

More than 40 spring breakers who ignored public health advice test positive for coronavirus (4/1/20)

Freelance Investigation: Many Clips emerging of Asian people Appearing to deliberately Spread Corona Virus (4/1/20)

Nevada Governor Activates National Guard to deal with coronavirus outbreak (4/1/20)

The US Navy is moving 2,700 sailors off an aircraft carrier ASAP to combat a coronavirus outbreak on board (4/1/20)

USPS warns it might have to shutter by June as $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package provides no funding (4/1/20)

Floridaissues statewide stay home order to stop coronavirus spread (4/1/20)

Amid war footing, war power declarations, and mass movement of troops around country for weeks, Trump posts strange tweet, “Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!” (4/1/20)

AOC slams Cuomo’s decision to suspend New Yorkers’ mortgage payments, but not payments for renters (4/1/20)

China Puts County On Lockdown After New Corona Cluster Emerges (4/1/20)

Guayaquil city of Ecuador dead people burned on STREETS (4/1/20)

MSNBC: See Bill Gates’ Chilling Pandemic Warnings To Trump – Before The Coronavirus Outbreak Hit (3/31/20)

Woman Freaks Out, calls cop, confronts kids in car for not sheltering in place (3/31/20)

Downtown DC: Purge Siren Blasted by Ambulance During Lockdown (3/31/20)

Indonesia to release 30,000 prisoners early amid virus concerns (4/31/20)

Scotland’s “Sinister” Covid19 Response – Suspend Trial by Jury (3/31/20)

Empire State Building lit up with red-white siren lights (3/31/20)

Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV (3/30/20)

Turns Out Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne who was arrested 3/30/20, allegedly for continuing to hold services in spite of bans, on 3/17/20 was reading to his congregation from a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document predicting everything we’re seeing happening in the world now, and exposing the whole thing as an oppurtunistic power grab for world government (3/31/20)

Freelance Investigation: Exposing the Media Lies: Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t! There is no actual testing going on!! (3/31/20)

China: Girl jumps out of coach to escape being forcefully quarantined after flying back to China from Germany (3/31/20)

Crisis Actor “Nurse” forgets her lines, ‘duper’s delight’ phenomenon ensues: starts laughing (4/31/20)

Chinese pulling down 5G Towers in Wuhan (3/31/20)

MD Andrew Kaufman “Covid-19” vs. exosomes (3/30/20)

No ‘greater threat’ to Canada than COVID-19, military says, as 24,000 troops activated to help fight it (3/30/20)

Meanwhile, in Califonia: This is East Oakland in the middle of a Pandemic with strict shelter in place orders (3/30/20)

Rent strike idea gaining steam during coronavirus crisis (3/30/20)

At least 30 states and the District of Columbia have issued “Stay at Home” orders, rendering more than 225 million people — more than two-thirds of the country’s population essentially under “house rest” (3/30/20)

NYPD will be devastated by coronavirus commissioner warns as 5,000 cops currently out sick sparking disorder fears (3/30/20)

Austria: Mandatory Face masks in Public (3/30/20)

Vegas homeless are corralled into an empty parking lot and made to sleep on the bare concrete in boxed-off areas less than six feet apart (3/30/20)

NYC evacuation of low income and disability housing onto buses (3/30/20)

German journalist Billy Six goes to hospital ‘teeming with coronavirus patients’ – finds no one there (this video is being censored by youtube) (3/30/20)

Texas Governor issues Executive order: those who enter state will be subject to mandatory 14 day self-quarantine; paper work must be submitted, police enforced with “unnanounced visits” to quarentine locations(3/30/20)

Fauci of Trump’s Corona Virus Taskforce: White House Predicts Up To 200,000 U.S deaths, Millions Of Cases “even if we do everything right” (3/30/20)

Searching “empty hospitals” on twitter reveals journalists all over the world posting videos of empty hospitals that are alledgdly filled with corona virus patients

They’re using footage of a hospital scene in one report supposedly from Italy, and another supposedly from NY

Freelance Investigations: The math just doesn’t add up Part 1, Part 2, (3/30/20)

Freelance Investigations: Where are the ambulances? (3/30/20)

UK: The crackdown on Coronavirus “fake news” (i.e. any info and facts that expose the lies and contradictions) begins (3/30/20)

NY Mayor De Blasio: threatens churches and synagogues that hold worship services may be fined and closed permanently (3/29/30)

Downtown Seattle: Woman screams at a street preacher for not staying home in Coronavirus Lockdown (3/29/20)

West Faces “Social Bomb” As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest (3/29/20)

Divorce on the Rise as Couples Are Forced To Spend Time Together in Isolation (3/29/20)

At termination of the initial “15 Days to Slow the Spread” put forth, Trump, Corona Virus Task force announce extending of guidelines (that means social distancing, reduced travel, shelter in places, etc.) to April 30th with “recovery by June 1st” (3/29/20)

To prevent spread of virus behind bars, 28% of county inmates in Kentucky have been freed (3/29/20)

Coronavirus pandemic has delivered the fastest, deepest economic shock in history (3/28/20)

New York City coronavirus cases reach nearly 30,000 with a death every 9.5 minutes (3/28/20)

The USNS WATKINS, one of the US Governments 16 “Ghost prisons” ships, positioned off coast New Jersey (3/28/20)

Finland isolates Helsinki capital region to fight coronavirus, military prevents people escaping by force (3/28/20)

National guard going door to door in texas “to see who may have come in contact with a corona virus patient” (3/28/20)

Official Florida Government Website Reveals plan for following Court Proceedings: Mandatory vaccinations proceedings, Seizure of bodily fluids, Violations of orders of limit to travel, Violation of Isolation or Quarantine Orders, enforcement of curfew orders, etc. (3/29/20)

Rhode Island sending cops, National Guard to find New Yorkers seeking coronavirus refuge (3/28/20)

US Northern Command Issues Military Mobilization Orders (3/28/20)

Law Enforcement Checkpoints set up along Florida-Alabama border to “keep COVID-19 from spreading in state” (3/28/20)


Mortgage industry seeks billions in federal help as homeowners stop paying their loans (3/27/20)

Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19 (4/27/20)

Mayor of LA says he will “hunt down” citizens. (3/27/20)


Nearly a third of Americans are now under orders to stay home – list of coronavirus lockdowns in US states and cities (3/27/20)

reports that respirators are being removed from people over 65 in Madrid, sedating them until they pass away (3/27/20)

President Donald Trump’s deputies announced Friday that they had begun the process of importing 85,000 H-1B gig workers to take white-collar jobs that will be needed after October by the millions of American graduates who are now losing jobs in the coronavirus crash (3/27/20)

COVID-19 Drives Command Teams Charged With Homeland Defense Into Cheyenne Mountain Bunker (3/27/20)

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warns of mass death, condemns ‘false hope,’ and tells us his city will be on lockdown for another 2 months — and to ‘be prepared for longer’ (3/27/20)

VibeChecking Local Hospitals for Coronavirus Crisis (3/27/20)


Medical Journal authored by Anthony S. Fauci, M.D (from Covid19 Trump Task Force, the one mandating the draconian measures), et. al. contains admission that this Covid-19 really no worse than regular flu (3/26/20)

Video: Residents Allegedly Dropping Large Bags Full Of Urine On People For Not Staying Inside During COVID19 Lockdown (3/26/20)

Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, calls for global government to tackle coronavirus (3/26/20)

Bill Gates on coronavirus: We need an ‘extreme shutdown’ of 6 to 10 weeks (3/26/20)

Police introduce new app to report ‘Stay Home’ violations, Bellevue, WA (3/26/20)

Hillsborough moves forward with ‘safer-at-home’ order and curfew (Fridays 10PM to 5AM Mondays), finalizing details Thursday (3/25/20)

New York City weighs closing parks, playgrounds and streets to enforce social distancing, Gov. Cuomo says (3/25/20)

Coronavirus crimes can be charged as acts of terrorism (3/25/20)

1300 CEO’s coicindentily leave their jobs in year leading up to Covid19 Crisis

New Oxford study suggests millions of people may have already built up coronavirus immunity (3/24/20)

Mayor Garcetti announces water and power will be shut off for nonessential L.A. businesses that don’t close (3/24/20)

1,700 jail inmates in L.A. County released over coronavirus concerns, sheriff says (3/24/20)

New Jersey Slaps Terror Charge on Man Over Alleged Supermarket Cough Threat (3/24/20)

military building makeshift morgues in NYC (3/24/20)

‘It’s like a war zone’: Fighting coronavirus, limited ICU beds, bracing for chaos in New Orleans (3/24/20)

Jesuit Fauci of Coronavirus Taskforce stated in 2017: No doubt Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak

Leading Scientist Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe Predicted Pandemic on November 25th 2019

WHO expert urges the world to copy China’s response to COVID-19 (2/25/20)

In India: Follow Coronavirus Lockdown Rules, Else Will Have to Give ‘Shoot-at-sight’ Order (3/24/20)

Train full of Military Vehicles, Montreal, CA (3/23/20)

Military being rolled out in Ottawa, CA (3/23/20)

Adams of Trump’s Corona Virus Taskforce: “This week, it’s going to get bad…The disease is spreading because many people are not following the guidance to stay at home.” 3/23/20

Freudian slip? Peter Gaynor FEMA Administrator: “And finally a little bit about the national guard, the federal government continues to take aggressive action and proactive steps to address the covd-19 threat as we attack the health and safety, or protect the health and saftey of the american people. It remains our top priority” (3/22/20)

Dallas police will no longer respond to calls for car break ins, theft or vandalism or shoplifting (3/22/20)

Clips from March 2020 showing Troop and Military Vehicle Movement around country

National Guard Arrives in Manhattan with Assault Humvees mounted with 50 Caliber machine guns (cannot be verified, posted 3/22/20, but appears could actually be an old video as leaves on trees and amount of people in streets)

Procession of assault humvees headed to Chicago, Illinois (3/22/20)

21 Million Fewer Cellphone Users in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll (3/22/20)

Get ready for censorship, this was all outlined in Event 201: ABC News: Coronavirus hoaxes spread online to take advantage of the pandemic (3/20/20)

“We Have No Food for You” – Insiders on Food Supply Shortages (3/19/20)

Californians are calling 911 on their coughing neighbors over coronavirus fears (3/19/20)

Forsyte Burial Vaults US DOT (United States Department Of Transportation) truck seen hauling what appears to be more of those mass burial coffins (3/18/20) 

MIT: We’re not going back to normal Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever (3/17/20)


U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages (3/17/20)

U.S. Funds World Health Organization That Boot-Licks China, With Deadly Results (3/17/20)

Jesuit Trained Dr. Anthony Fauci urges ‘national shutdown’ as coronavirus spreads  (3/15/20)

National Guard Arrives to Help Residents in New Rochelle Containment Zone (3/13/20)

‘It’s all fake!’: Chinese official heckled by residents on visit to Wuhan 3/6/20

Coronavirus: Chinese Police Brutality, people being forcibly detained

Rare Military Move and Intermodal in Northern Ontario (2/28/20)

Woman Says Coronavirus Patients Cremated Alive (2/26/20)

Eurovision 2019 – Madonna – The Virus King is coming -opens red skull above stage, madonna = mary crown = corona, “not everyone is coming to the future” white pure bride of christ killed by madonna (church of mary) lyrics toward end about new crucifixion of christ (i.e. by putting to death his body, the church), imagery of men in papal regalia, romish monks singing their gregorian chant, etc.

China Silences Critics Over Deadly Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus victims’ cremated bodies blamed on ominous black rain falling in Japan (3/5/20)

Corona Virus in China: Videos show Farmers being forced to destroy “excess Goods”,police destroying produce, livestock coming for markets (2/15/20)

UK: Allegedly, 2 men in hazmat suits turned up to a block of flats putting notices through people’s doors that someone had died from coronavirus, but, that’s not true according to one of the residents who lives in the block of flats, this girl claims that the man was taken away by the police and the man is very much alive. But, 10/15 minutes later, they’re putting notices through residents doors claiming that the man died

Chinese Farmers Destroying Food That Can’t Make It To Market During Quarantine in China

people in china being welded into their homes

Evidently Donald Trump Loves China

Smart Guillotines in America?

rap song from 2013 appears to predict the corona virus crisis, “2020 combined with corona virus, bodies stacking”

Turns out Catholic Patron saint of epidemics is.. you guessed it, St. Corona

FEMA “Clergy Response Teams”, pastors and priests trained to be spies and to teach their parishioners not to resist martial law, term “social distancing” instead of of quarantines, vaccinations, etc. also foretold in this article from 2006

Current Drug Shortage Bulletins

Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon


12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Pandemic

Footage of the Las Vegas Strip during the COVID-19 Pandemic


The Unknown Forum Doctor: how to create a false-flag coronavirus pandemic- they are testing for regular viruses and calling it Covid-19!!

Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis

Freelance Investigation: Theory for the madness. THIS is the soundest explaination. Trump slipped. I think it’s an EMP(s?)

Freelance Investigation: Pr-packaged Propaganda to demonize those who’d question the draconian responses?

80,000 Americans died from flu in 2017

Evidently Federal Reserve and US Treasury have now merged “into one organization” (3/27/20)

Family of dead outraged by government lies saying their loved ones had died of the covid flu

I better read this later

evangelicals being blamed #1

evangelicals being blaimed #2



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