Proof Sunday Laws are Being Promoted and Enforced Now

Below, the reader will find a list of news headlines spanning the last several years that pertain to the promotion (and enforcement of) Sunday legislation and of a church/state union in general.  To understand what this all means, and why everybody (especially Christians) should be deeply concerned that these things are happening, read through the intro here.

Famous Pastor and Author Jonathan Cahn hosts event “The Return” at the National Mall, Washington, D.C., “a movement of prayer, repentance, and return, [to] begin from this moment forward…America has in great measure departed from God and His way…Sunday, will be set for sealing what has been done and praying for the nation and revival in houses of worship throughout the land.”, (see their about page) board of advisors for this group include other well known church leaders such as Pat Robertson, James Dobson (One of Donald Trump’s Advisors), and Trump’s friend Mike Lindell (see their advisors page) who Trump desires to be governor of Minnesota  (9/26/20)

Business Insider: ‘Trump behaving like Mussolini, who could solidify his dictatorship only by reaching a deal with the pope and gaining support of church hierarchy, ending separation of church and state’ (9/25/20)

U.S. Attorney General William Barr: Separation of Church and State misunderstood because of Militant Secularism, receives award at National Catholic Prayer breakfast, deemed by Leonard Leo (Lawyer, leader of the Federalist Society), “truly a Catholic public servant, whose faith “informs his public service.” (9/24/20)

Catholic News outlet celebrates “forced Sabbath” of Covid-19, as a reminder of the commandment of rest and sustainability; calls for “an authentic personal ecological conversion” for the common good, to join Pope Francis and Ecumenical movement to pray together and tackle common enemies of poverty, planetary crisis, etc. (9/24/20)

Roman Catholic Priest and Major Roman Catholic Editorials Contributor Jerry Pokorsky: Time to Start Invoking the Ten Commandments (including “going to church on sundays”) in Political Debate, the Ten Commandments have divine authority over public morality…we cannot begin to transform the culture without the moral clarity of the ten commandments…should no longer divorce our political views from them (9/14/20)

President Trump Tweets “Happy Sunday! We want GOD!”, posts video of his 2017 speech in poland commending their victory over communism by uniting under Pope (8/23/20)

‘Trump Ally’ Evangelist Franklin Graham (son of the famous Billy Graham) films himself in front of the giant profane pagan occult obeslisk in Washington D.C. announcing “country is facing multiple conflicts, such as the effects of COVID-19, nationwide protests, and the upcoming presidential election…Our Only Hope For This Country is God” (8/10/20)

Catholic Newspaper: Bring Back the Blue Laws (sunday laws) (6/17/20)

French archbishop calls for monthly ‘lockdown Sunday'(6/16/20)

Major Christian Publishing Rag Charisma News: How Spirit of the Antichrist Manifests in ‘Separation of Church and State’ Lie (6/15/20)

Lance Wallnau of POTUS Shield: Crises​ and Trump’s Reelection​ Will Set Stage for Church to Take Greater Authority, urges Christian leaders to work ​to reelect Trump and to prepare to take greater governing authority in the world (6/8/20)

Cayman Islands: Sunday soft curfew: What you can and can’t do today (5/17/20)

Slovenia: Janša (Prime Minister) & the Left Call to Keep Stores Closed on Sundays (4/30/20)

Shops in Croatia to close on Sundays (4/25/20)

Half of Americans say Bible should influence U.S. laws, including 28% who favor it over the will of the people (4/13/20)

Cayo, Belize: Complete shutdown announced for businesses on Sundays (4/9/20)

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network: It’s the Role of Elected Officials to Lead People ‘In Worship to the God of Heaven’ (4/9/20)

All Grocery Stores and Pharmacies Will be Closed in Ontario for Good Friday and Easter Sunday (4/8/20)

Grenada: While people are relegated to only be able to go shopping on certain days due to Covid-19 Crisis, “Goverment assures population Saturday shopping day not an affront to any religion” (4/7/20)

Puerto Rico: Gov’t extends lockdowns in responds to Covid-19, “No one may use their cars on Sundays except in case of emergencies…Grocery stores must remain closed on Sundays, and pharmacies will only be allowed to sell medicines and personal hygiene products. Gas stations may only sell fuel. Violators may face a six-month jail term or a fine of up to $5,000. (4/6/20)

Fox 5 NY  proposes all stores should be closed on sundays for recuperation (4/4/20)

Philippines: Total lockdown in General Santos City every Sunday (4/4/20)

Cyprus: Government decrees supermarkets, grocery shops, bakeries and butcheries to be closed on Sundays (4/3/20)

Peru: While Shopping restrictions put in place based on gender due to Covid-19, “On Sunday[s], no one is allowed to leave home.” (4/3/20)

‘God Is Forcing Us to Rest’: Christian Sports Stars Talk Spiritual Growth during Lockdown (4/2/20)

NewBostonPost: Within weeks, the Coronavirus shutdown will draw to its inevitable conclusion….At least one societal change resulting from the quarantine could do wonders to reinvigorate our national sense of family, faith, and community. Let’s give serious thought to reinstating at least some of the time-honored Sunday closure laws, sort of a one-day-per-week modified stay-at-home request. By rededicating each Sunday as “a common day of rest,” we would say that the life of America is much more than never-pausing commerce and ever-grinding bureaucracy. We would proclaim that the heart of the nation transcends consumerism and looms larger than even the biggest government. We would emphasize that the real value in a country comes not from its GNP or tax collections, but from families, faith, communities, that it comes from “We the people.” (4/1/20)

When Earth Demands Sabbath: Learning from the Coronavirus Pandemic (4/1/20)

Governor of New Jersey and Premier of Quebec call for Sunday Closures of business, “in honor of the Sabbath” amid Corona Virus crisis (3/30/20)

Amid Covid-19 Restrictions, Albanian government has prohibited all activity and movement on Sundays (3/28/20)

Greece: Gov’t announces changes to supermarket hours, no more Sunday opening (3/24/20)

President Donald Trump announces a Sunday National Day of Prayer after declaring state of emergency over coronavirus pandemic. (3/13/20)

Vice-president Pence’s Corona Virus Task Force opens up meetings with prayer, in interview Pence states, “prayer goes on all the time in the whitehouse” (3/6/20)

Majority of Germans say shops should be closed on Sundays (2/13/20)

Trade unions urge ban on working on Sundays [Serbia] (1/23/20)

Malaysian Politician Hannah Yeoh: “Sunday should be made ‘rest with family day’; proposal could also serve as part of preventive measures in dealing with work-related stress issues.” (1/12/20)

Putin proposes enshrining God, heterosexual marriage in constitution (2020)

Trump launches “human rights panel” headed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mary Ann Glendon (US Ambassador to Vatican during Bush admin.) based on the “God given rights” of Roman Catholic St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Natural law” which calls for the enforcement of “God’s laws” on a national/international level, and which according to the catholic church includes “sunday closing laws, recognizing the importance of a common day of rest” (2019)

US Attorney General William Barr (a “practicing Catholic and Knight of Columbus“, military order of catholic church, view their subversive, treasonous, and bloody oath here) Declared by former Bush Administration Ethics Lawyers to be “most dangerous in United States history..on a theocratic mission and is using Justice Department power to promote “religious nationalism.” and “is subverting the Constitution and appealing to conservative evangelicals for support.”(12/31/19)

President Emerita of the American Constitution Society: Bill Barr Thinks America is Going to Hell, And He’s on a Mission to use the Authority of the Executive Branch to Stop it, blames moral decline on separation of church and state (2019)

Faith leaders promote strength of peace and diversity at Summit led by President Trump’s personal spiritual adviser Paula White-Cain, “inclusive of all denominations, evangelical or not — brought a sense of connectivity with American political power” (12/29/2019)

Rev. Franklin Graham (son of famous evangelist Billy Graham) and Trump Ally: ‘Biggest Threat’ to U.S. is ‘That We Turn Our Back on God’ (12/27/19)

“Sundays are sacred” Self-Checkout in France Sets Off Battle Over a Day of Rest (12/26/2019)

‘WorshipTakeOver in the White House’ (12/06/2019)

Christian TV Host Rick Wiles: We Will Impose Christian Rule In This Country, like it or not (2019)

Thousands Gave Their Lives to Christ at Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’ in Baton Rouge (2019)

New Florida School Bill Seeks to Make Bible Class ‘Mandatory’ (2019)

‘Worship Leaders Lift Jesus in White House: ‘Let This Sound Give You Great Hope for America!” (12/06/19

Evangelical Leaders Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs: “God’s Plan for courts, America Restored: Church is meant to be God’s governing authority and legislative body in the world, and is about to move into completely new level enforcing Kingdom Rule and the will of God on earth. Must make sure like minded people control” (2019)

Brad Pitt Praises Kanye West’s Sunday Services, Talks About Faith (2019)

One Trump’s ‘Closest Spiritual Advisor’ and Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress: ‘There’s No Such Thing As Separation Of Church And State’ (2019)

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry tells Donald Trump he’s ‘the chosen one sent by God’ (2019)

Maine’s “Blue Laws” prevent big retailers from opening on Thanksgiving Day (2019)

‘Quiet Christian’ Donald Trump Planned to Build Megachurch (2019)

Greta’s weekly climate strikes ask for return to Sabbath (2019)

Paula White, Trump’s Personal Pastor, Joins the White House (2019)

Faith Leaders Pray for Trump at White House to discuss and celebrate achievements: criminal justice reform, defending religious freedom, reducing abortion, combatting the opioid crisis & trafficking, the end of ISIS & Baghdadi (2019)

Amidst “unjust” impeachment Hearings, 25 Pastors, Including Paula White Cain, James Dobson and Jentezen Franklin, Pray Over Trump at White House (2019)

Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board Are Hard At Work Changing Public Policy (2019)

Lady Gaga’s Christianity compels her to passionately defend LGBTQ Americans (2019)

Joel Osteen’s Sunday service sells out with Kanye West (2019)

Sunday to become the official twelfth public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda (2019)

Tickets to Kanye West’s ‘Sunday Service’ at Joel Osteen’s church being scalped for hundreds of dollars (2019)

Pope Francis: ‘The common good has become global’ [which according to Ch. 6, Sec. 3e of ‘THE COMPENDIUM OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH’ (2004) means Sundays and Catholic Holidays must be recognized as legal holidays] (2019)

Kim Kardashian – Our new Sunday Service is starting (2019)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson: Church and State can work together to promote godly principles (2019)

Jay-Z’s ‘Story of O.J.’ Landed in a Praise and Worship Church Service – Watch the ladies take ‘em to church (2019)

DMX Leads Kanye West’s Latest Sunday Service in Prayer (2019)

Pharrell Wears Kanye West’s Sunday Service Coachella Merch at Hometown Festival (2019)

Kanye echos Pope Benedict: [sunday] is the heart of social legislation (2019)

“Where are the Christian Greta Thunbergs?” – If Christians like the Jews of Old Testament followed example of weekly rest it would be one way to start showing that that caring for the earth matters. (2019)

National Day Of Prayer Event Held In Concord, NH – “calling on worshippers to [honor] Sunday as a day of rest” (2019)

Italy’s Populists Want to Close Stores on Sundays (2019)

Pope’s Laudato Si’ vs. AOC’s Green New Deal – “We must also celebrate rest, especially from buying and selling, by returning to a focus on keeping [sunday] (2019)

Chick-fil-A won’t make an exception for Super Bowl Sunday (2019)

Kanye West’s Sunday Church Service: Where Spirituality and Exclusivity Meet (2019)

Jury awards $21 million to hotel dishwasher after she was forced to work on Sundays (2019)

Robert Jeffress, Member of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board and White House Faith Initiative Blames Church-State separation for gun violence (2019) 

Justin Bieber Opens Up About How the Love of Christ Led Him Through Heavy Drug Abuse, Anxiety (2019)

Strategic ‘Govermental’ One Voice Prayer Movement led by Trump’s Spiritual Advisors Paula white-Cain, et. al: ‘Model for governments of the nations’ (2019)

National Back to Church Sunday 10th Annual “Save the Date” set for Sep. 15th (2019)

Leading Professional Rugby Player Israel Folau: Droughts and Brushfires Devastating Australia God’s judgement for legalizing Abortion & Same Sex Marriage (2019)

While sunday observance is being promoted and called for, Kosher stall denied spot at a Manchester Christmas market over refusal to open for business on God’s true Saturday Sabbath (2019)

Worker’s Rights: Why work must always be followed by rest, according to St. John Paul II (2019)

Donald Trump ‘by virtue of authority vested’ as president, declares national day of prayer (2019)

Limited Sunday hunting crawling through state legislature (2019)

Director of PA Pastors Network & American Pastors Network: Society Becoming More Secular and Sinful, is it too much for our state legislature to continue to support one day a week to honor God? (2019)

Kendall Jenner Joins Family Members for a Late Night Church Service (2019)

The Justice Department seeks Christian nationalism under Trump administration: Jeff Sessions announces a religious liberty task force to combat “dangerous” secularism (2018)

New Jersey Mayor, Protecting Sunday Blue Laws will always be number one priority (2018)

President Trump’s Advisor Rodney Howard Browne: No Such Thing as Separation of Church and state (2018)

Most Stores Shut in Poland as Sunday Trade Ban Takes Effect (2018)

Worshipers get in formation at Beyonce Mass (2018)

Holy Spirit Invades the White House as Worship Leaders Call Upon the Name of Jesus (2018)

Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisors talk about enforcing God’s law (2018)

Evangelist Franklin Graham’s Uneasy Alliance with Donald Trump: ‘Seeking influence not a crime..That’s politics…the gays, they do everything they can to get their politicians into office…we have every right to have the Christian voice in office.” (2018)

‘My Brokenness + God’s Divinity’: Katy Perry Points to Jesus for Healing (2018)

Taking Sunday Seriously – Poland ‘leads the way, “example for the United States” (2018)

How Europeans are fighting back against Sunday trading (2018)

National Back to Church Sunday 9th annual “call to action” Movement – Video (2018)

Author, Economist and Religious Scholar calls for an INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY DAY OF REST to Combat ‘climate change’ (2018)

EU parliamentarian man wants Sunday protection law (2018)

Taking Sunday Seriously — Poland Leads the Way (2018)

Italian government seeks to keep shops closed on Sundays (2018)

Protestant churches in Zeeland, Netherlands, protest about rainbow flag and Sunday shopping (2018)

Why Sunday Is the Most Important Day of the Week for Your Wellbeing (2018)

Meanwhile at the White House ‘Worship broke out after Prayer time” (2018)

“Lesbian Jesus,” Takes the Stage with Taylor Swift (2018)

U.S. Attorney General William Barr wants to bring “God’s Law” back to America (2018)


CEOWorld Magazine – A Modest Proposal for a Day of Rest (2018)

Let’s bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against the always-on economy (2018)

Listen to Snoop Dogg’s new 32-track gospel album, Bible of Love (2018)

Trump signs Executive Order ‘aimed at allowing churches to engage in more political activity’ to bypass the Johnson Amendment (2017)

U.S. Congress bow down before the first ever Jesuit House Chaplain Patrick Conroy and congressional baseball game, unfiroms in visible in image display numbers 666 (2017)

Pope’s Latest Encyclical: Laudato Si’ calls for sunday observance “for the Earth and the Poor” (2017)

Trump Signs Executive Order Declaring Sunday a national day of Prayer following Devastation felt by Hurricane Matthew (2017)

Johnnie Moore, one of Trump’s Advisors calls for solidarity with Vatican, writes to pope requesting meeting between catholic and evangelical leaders from the US to ‘mend the wounds’ for ‘global influence’ (2017)

Minneapolis slaps Surdyk’s Liquor with fine, license suspension for opening Sunday (2017)

USA TODAY: At ‘pot churches,’ marijuana is the sacrament (2017)

Melania Trump’s Spokeswoman: ‘The First Lady is Catholic’ (2017)

Interfaith Dialogue Forming to Save Earth from Climate Change, centered around The Pope’s encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ which calls for Sunday Keeping Solution (2017)

Chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation Pushing for Sunday Rest (2017)

Tourist attacked in Athens for shopping on a Sunday (2017)

Catholic Bishops AND TRADE UNIONS pushing for Complete ban on Sunday trading (2017)

Croatia – Catholic Church wants to ban working on Sundays (2017)

Israel High Court Rules Tel Aviv stores can open Sabbath (2017)


National Justice and Peace Network: ‘the present parlous state of the planet’s ecology indicates that a Sabbath for the earth is equally significant for the survival of rich and poor’ (2017)

Trump’s Apostles & Prophets Create POTUS Shield To Renew America’s Covenant With God (2017)

From Global Warming To Global Sunday Laws (2017)

Tongan bakeries banned from opening on Sundays (2016)
Regardless of your religion, our increasingly busy lives require a Sabbath day of rest (2016)

EU bishops back Pillar of Social Rights, call for Recognition of Sunday Rest (2016)

In Switzerland, churches defend Sunday rest (2016)

Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales rejected Parliament (2016)

GERMANY: No Sunday shopping at Munich jubilee celebrations (2016)

Sundays (every other) to be mandatory day-off for TV Industry in India (2016)

“From Monday to…” Sunday Alliance Short Film (2016)

‘The Regenerative Sabbath’ conference held in Boston, Mass. presenting Sunday as solution to Social Justice, values, community, etc. (2016)

Trump Names 25 Evangelical ‘Spiritual Advisors’ (including James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Paula White, David Jeremiah, James MacDonald, Michelle Bachman), states: “I have such tremendous respect and admiration for this group and I look forward to continuing to talk about the issues important to Evangelicals, and all Americans, and the common sense solutions I will implement when I am President” (2016)

Donald Trump Names 34 Members to Council of Catholic Advisers (2016)

Donald Trump Vowed to Close the Gap Between Church and State (2016)

US Senator calls for Bill to Mandate SUNDAY Church Attendance as solution to moral crisis (2015)

Donald Trump Makes several pro-Inquisition Statements during Campaign Speeches (2016)

Trump: ‘Catholic story a great story’, denounces washington politicians who’ve been hostile to the church, vows his administration will stand side-by-side with Catholic Church (2016)

Donald Trump Promises Evangelicals ‘Great Power,’ Higher Church Attendance (2016)

Trump vows to “fight” for catholicism (2016)

Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, a self-described, “born-again, evangelical Catholic'” (2016)

Rick Santorum (Now one of President Trumps 34 catholic Advisors): JFK’s speeech on separation of church and state made me want to puke (2012)

Cyprus Government approves law to restrict Sunday shopping (2015)

Scientists Imply Sunday Rest solution to Wild Fires (2015)

Chile enacts law to ensure Sunday rest for Commerce Workers (2015)

New Bill to Make Sunday a Day Off in Israel (2015)

Italian bishop urges CEO: respect Sunday rest (2015)

Federation wants to end work on Sundays in the state – Brazil (2015)

International Salvation Army – Climate Justice through Sunday Observance (2015)

Lord’s Day Alliance – Sunday as a ‘MARK’ of Christian Unity (2015)

Pope Francis Presents Sundays as Solution to Work Slavery, Economic Obsession, bring families closer together (2015)

England – Churches, trade unions and retailers have claimed that changing Sunday trading laws will undermine ‘the fabric of society’ (2015)

Italian Bishop urges CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to shut down on Sundays (2015)

NY Daily News – You need & deserve a secular sabbath  (2015)

Capitalism’s war on the sabbath “sunday was supposed to be a day for God and family” (2015)

Athens – Business and Trade Unions Protest – ‘Uncompromising for the safeguarding of the Sunday holiday’ (April 2015)

European Union – Anchor Sunday as the Weekly day of rest (2015)

Poland – Catholics, Orthodox and Evangelicals unite to Protect Sunday (2015)


VIDEO: Doge Ram Truck commercial Pushing Sunday (2015)

The Times of Malta pushing Sunday Rest as Solution to Climate Change (2015)

Pope Francis: Sunday’s are a Gift from God, Don’t ruin it (2015)

Pope says working on Sundays has negative impact on families and friendships and that priorities in life (2014)

Video Fox News: Back to Sunday for “true Freedom” (2014)

Ikea France convicted for illegal Sunday openings (2014)

Sunday Sales-Ban Now The Law of Land in Hungary (2014)

Unions Unite to prevent opening of Shops in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil on Sundays (2014)

Archbishop of Milan Pushes Sunday law with Trade Unions in Italy (2014)

Pope Francis says No-Work Sundays are Good for all People, not just Christians (2014)

‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes (2014)

The Sunday Movement Gains Momentum (2014)


Argentina – Deputies give preliminary approval to Sunday rest bill (2014)

German unions, churches win Sunday shopping fight (2014)

Israel Justice Minister backs proposal for Saturday-Sunday weekend (2014)

European Trade Union Confederation Pushing for Sunday law in Europe -pg. 9 (2014)

Sunday a day off in Israel? (2014)

Lord’s Day Alliance calls for Americans to Lobby for a Sunday Rest Law in cooperation with the UN as solution to ‘Challenging Times’, for ‘social justice’ (2014)

France – Sunday trading ban for DIY stores (2014)

Pope Francis ‘in support of Leisure’, ‘Even though there is a tension between the Christian Sunday and the secular Sunday, Sunday needs to be recovered’ (2014)

Deal Reached to Give Israelis one Sunday as a day of rest every Month (2014)


European Sunday Alliance Pledge to Commit Politicians into Legislating Sunday Rest (2014)

Sunday Assembly Movement Launching Churches for Atheists/non-christians (2013)

UK Court of Appeals backs Sunday as a ‘day of rest’ (2013)

Sunday Now to be a Day off Work in Israel (2013)

European Conference for a Work-Free Sunday to be held in January 2014 (2013)

Mowing the Grass in your Garden on Sunday is Banned in Belgian Town (2013)

India – Everything Stops on a Sunday, Even Political Campaigning (2013)

Pope Francis, “Needed Sunday “Sabbath” Rest that appeals to everyone (2013)

Large City in India to Enforce a Strict Sunday Closure Law From 1988 (2013)

Netherlands Angry Churchgoers Put Pressure on a Supermarket for Opening on a Sunday (2013)

Conference in the Sejm on the need for a free Sunday (2013)

France Looking into Law Curbing Sunday Shopping – Court Orders 14 Stores to Close on Sundays (2013)

National Back to Church Sunday gets Record of 3 Million People (2013)

Catholic Church works to stop shopping on Sundays in Italy (2013)

The Desecration of the 7th Day Sabbath in Jerusalem (2013)

Sunday? It’s not the day of rest, it’s the day of stress: Two thirds now say Sabbath is busiest time of the week (2013)


Virginia lawmakers preserve ban on Sunday hunting (2012)

Landmark Decision: Austria Court Supports Ban on Sunday Shop Opening (2012)

Nigeria – Lagos State Government Enforce Ban on Sunday Markets (2012)

Hawaii – Ban of Sunday commercial activities at Kailua Beach Park faces final vote (2012)

Brooklyn – Report Any Restaurants Breaking the Sunday Blue Law (2012)

Kansas – Sunday designated as day of rest in tornado-ravaged Harveyville (2012)

Tornado Ravaged Town Asks for Sunday Rest (2012)

Singapore – Christian Leaders Welcome Weekly Rest Day for Maids (2012)

New Zealand – Time out necessary to help ‘save our souls’ “Sabbath” pivotal (2012)

Pope: Sundays must be a day of rest dedicated to God, family – demands of work Can’t Bully need for time off –  defending sunday is defending human freedom (2012)

Vatican Works with Unions to Stop Sunday Shopping in Italy (2012)

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers to Close on Sundays in New Jersey (2012)

Abandonment of Christian principles led to Europe’s economic crisis (2012)

Glenn Beck Announces “WE ARE ALL CATHOLICS NOW” Movement to reach out to Congressional leader, encourage legislation (2012)

Kentucky Doctor Joins Movement to Restore [Sunday] (2012)

‘Earth Sabbath’ Helps Activists Tend Spiritual Side Of Environmentalism (2012)

Why Shutting up Shop on Sunday is Good for Everyone (2012)

Proposed ‘Sundays Off’ Plan Crawls Ahead (2012)

Eurozone demands six-day week for Greece as part of the terms for a second bailout (2012)

Reformed Political Party in Netherlands Want to Shut all Shops on Sundays in Order for Citizens “to go to Church” (2012)

Make Sunday a day of rest: ban HGV’s on motorways (2012)

Young People from Cologne Make a Website Dedicated to Sunday Rest (2012)

Lord’s Day Observance Society in U.K. Pushing for Sunday to be a day of Worship and Rest (2012)

Let’s make Sunday a day of rest, for God’s sake (2012)

Activists in 12 Different European Countries Call for Sunday as Day of Rest (2012)

Germany – Freiburg Voted Against Any Shop Opening on Sundays (2012)

Sunday Off – Is it Good for the Jews? (2012)

Israel debates adding Sunday as ‘day of rest’ (2011)

Belfast refuses to endorse Sunday trading deregulation (2011)

North Dakota Catholic Conference says ‘Sunday law’ benefits all people (2011)

German Court Enforces Day of Rest (2009)

The Guardian Pushing Sunday Rest as Solution to “global warming” (2009)

Presbyterian Minister says Tsunami that killed over 160,000 was direct result of not keeping sundays holy (2005)

Papacy: Public authorities have duty to ensure Sundays and Catholic Church’s holidays recognized as legal holidays in name of religious freedom and for common good of all (2004)



McGowan v. Maryland, 366 U.S. 420 (1961)

Tonawanda bartender fined for selling liquor on Sunday (1917)

Louis Longinotti fined for selling liquor on Sunday (1903)


The Sunday-Sabbath Movement in American Reform Judaism (1982)

Catholic Church Billboard: “National sunday law – is it time?”

New “Sunday Assembly” for atheists + other religions

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