All Bibles Created Equal?

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So, what’s the final verdict? Does it even really make a difference? I mean, at the end of the day isn’t it just a matter of preference/opinion?

No doubt there have been thousands of books and articles written over the last half-century or so on these matters, and my intention is certainly not to re-invent the wheel, neither to belabor the point. The aim of this article will be to present a general overview, cover some of the most crucial points, and in as concise a manner as possible. Consequently, I will be me assuming the reader has a general understanding of both history and theology, and thus will be making certain statements without citing sources, assuming such info as common knowledge. Therefore if you doubt or have questions about anything below, please feel free to contact me, and I shall be happy to provide historical/scriptural sources, etc. My intentions are simply to furnish you with the information necessary to arrive at an honest, balanced, and reasonable conclusion that the believer may be confident in. Following the article I will provide a list of some of the resources which I’ve found to be helpful in researching these matters.

I will start by stating my position. Because I believe that truth is not relative, and in the importance of making informed decisions, I would encourage you, even if you disagree, to continue to read, that you may at least understand the FACTS upon which my position has been reached. Keep in mind, this exposition primarily concerns the Bibles of the ENGLISH language, not only because this is my native tongue, but also because it’s the most universal language of the world today.

My Position

I most typically use the King James Version but am not a “King James Only-ist”, or at least not in the strictest sense. I definitely believe that other translations can be used both to the saving of souls, and to one degree or another, to be inspired. But more on all this later…

What IS the Word of God?

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost”-2 Peter 1:21

In other Words, God’s Word is contained in the scriptures. Naturally, common sense would indicate that this would then be contained in the language of the prophets themselves through whom God was inspiring to write (i.e. the Koine Greek of the New Testament, and the Hebrew/Aramic of the Old Testament).

Inspiration/Preservation if Scriptures

A Little History

From the very beginning, satan’s attack was upon..? you guessed it, the Word of God: “Yea, hath God said….?” (Gen. 3:1). Should we then be surprised if there is yet an attack on God’s Word?

Wicked men have always sought to destroy and repress the Holy Scriptures. Not only in ancient history, every time the Hebrew people were taken into captivity, but even leading up to the modern age. During the Papal Supremacy of Europe, the great controversy was between the errors of the formalized church (which were based largely on superstition and tradition) versus what the Word of God said.  This was what sparked what’s come to be known as the Protestant Reformation.

Subsequently, those who appealed to the plain and simple teachings of the scriptures were ridiculed for “rejecting the authority of the church”, or “leaning on their fallible conscious/understanding”, and told that “only a priest could correctly interpret the scriptures”. And of course prior to the advent of the movable-type printing press, only the priests and certain elite families of nobility even had access to the Holy Writ. In time, the Bible was officially condemned in the “Vulgar Tongue” of the common man (i.e. in any language but the Latin Vulgate of Jerome), and those who sought to get the Bible in the hands of the Common man’s language endured the worst physical tortures and death. Thus this period has become to be known as “The Dark Ages”, with the Light of truth being so suppressed.

But God in his sovereignty did not leave the world in darkness. In His impeccable timing, God gave man the Gutenberg Printing Press, enabling Bibles to be printed quicker then they could be destroyed. But did you know that papacy has never officially removed the Bible from their forbidden book index? Specifically, any Bible Translations which are based on the Textus Receptus New Testament (also known as the ‘Byzantine Tex’t, or ‘Majority text’) and the Masoretic Hebrew of the Old Testament are condemned in the Council of Trent. Only those based on Jerome’s Latin Vulgate are accepted by the church of Rome (Keep this point in mind as it will come up again later).

After the first Bible translations appeared of Luther, Tyndale, Wycliffle, Geneva, Etc., and over time, it was decided a more excellent translation was necessary in the English language that incorporated the best aspects of the preceding translations. This has become known as the A.V. (Authorized Version) 1611 King James Bible. This Bible was also based on the Textus Receptus, and do you know what happened? The devil using his agents sought to foil this translation entirely through a plot to blow up the parliament in which King James who authorized and was financially supporting this great work resided. This has become known as ‘The Gunpowder Plot‘ and can be read about, for instance, in some editions Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (or at the previous link). But by the Grace of God, in His providence, the plot was discovered and prevented.

Naturally, when the Devil discovered that he wasn’t able to keep the Bible out of the hands of the people he would seek to mimic and counterfeit it to create confusion and in seeking to get men unawares to further his mystery iniquity. Just as was the case when the devil, after three centuries of extreme persecution using wicked men in seeking to destroy the early primitive church off the face of the earth under the pagan roman empire, inspired Constantine to declare “Christianity” the official state religion, albeit nominally, incorporating all sorts of pagan practices.


INTENT is 9/10ths of the Law

Whether it’s to promulgate one’s dearly coveted opinions, or rather to relay just the facts; to control others, or rather to set men free;  to gain power, or rather to give power; or what have you; everyone and everything, whether realized or not, has an ‘agenda’, either good, bad, or indifferent. Nothing is neutral and directionless unless it’s dead.

1611 KJV

William Tyndale, who’s translation a great majority of the King James Version draws directly from, in light of centuries of papal persecution, is famously quoted as saying “If God spare my life, before many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plow to know more of the Scripture, than he [the pope] does.”, “I perceived how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth except the Scripture were plainly laid before their eyes”, “I call God to record against the day we shall appear before our Lord Jesus, that I never altered one syllable of God’s Word against my conscience, nor would do this day, if all that is in earth, whether it be honor, pleasure, or riches, might be given me”, “The preaching of God’s word is hateful and contrary unto them. Why? For it is impossible to preach Christ, except thou preach against antichrist; that is to say, them which with their false doctrine and violence of sword enforce to quench the true doctrine of Christ.”

Like the 40+ Godly and learned men who gave us the King James Bible, underlying the work was a belief in importance for the common man to have access to the scriptures, because of Their power to transforms life and society for good. Especially in light of the abuses of “church traditions” that were contrary to the scriptures, outright hypocrisy, ungodliness, and even pagan superstitions which had snuck in to practice, all because of the neglect of those who alone at that time had access to the scriptures, while seeking to keep them inaccessible to the common man.

From the preface of the KJV we read statements such as “…the preaching of God’s sacred Word among us; which is that inestimable treasure, which excelleth all the riches of the earth; because the fruit thereof extendeth itself, not only to the time spent in this transitory world, but directeth and disposeth men unto that eternal happiness which is above in heaven“, “…out of the Original Sacred Tongues, together with comparing of the lanours, both in our own, and other foreign languages, of many worthy men who went before us, there should be a one more exact translation of the holy scriptures into the English tongue…reap good fruit thereby“, “”, “…maintaining the truth of Christ, and propagating it far and near“, “…writing in defense of truth, (which hath given such a blow unto that man of sin, as will not be healed)”, “things of this quality have ever been subject to the censure [condemnation] of illmeaning and discontented persons..who therefore will seek to malign us…Popish persons“, “…to make God’s holy Truth to be yet more and more known unto the people, whom they desire still to keep in ignorance and darkness“, “we may rest secure, supported within by the truth and innocency of a good conscience having walked the ways of simplicity and integrity as before the Lord”, etc.

So as you can see, these people literally believed that they were handling the Inspired Word of God, and therefore for were concerned above all else, with producing an unbiased, honest, reverent, and accurate translation of the Word. And likewise, in perceiving its sacredness, and inherent goodness and power, to get it into the hands of as many men as possible. They also understood the necessity to ‘call a spade, a spade’, and expose the hypocrisy and evil done in the name of Christ, especially as these matters were actually foretold in the prophecy of the Sacred Scriptures themselves.

Now that we’ve laid forth the agenda behind KJV ‘Reformation’ Bible, lets see if we can discern the agenda behind some of the most popular subsequent translations.


What do the above translations have in common? Rather than being based on the Textus Receptus, which has roots that can be traced back to the very 1st century church of the apostles in Antioch, known as the Peshitta Bible (See documentary linked at the end of this article, “Which Bible?”), they are rather based Wescott & Hort’s pro-catholic Jerome’s Latin Vulgate Greek text, which is based on manuscripts, namely the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, which do not agree with the majority of extant texts. Proponents of their school essentially argue because they’re “older” manuscripts, they must be more accurate. This of course requires us to overlook facts such as the Sinaiticus agreeing with the  manuscripts of the pagan-msytic school of Alexandria, and being found in garbage can awaiting to be burned; or that Wescott & Hort had a totally unbiblical theology, which invariable is going to have an impact in translation decisions; or for instance the influences of individuals such as the Jesuit Carlos Martini on Bibles such as the NIV.

But lets examine a couple quotes from Wescott and Hort themselves:

Oct. 17th – Hort: “I have been persuaded for many years that Mary-worship and ‘Jesus’-worship have very much in common in their causes and their results.” (Life, Vol.II, p.50).

Dec. 23rd – Westcott: “My faith is still wavering. I cannot determine how much we must believe; how much, in fact, is necessarily required of a member of the Church.” (Life, Vol.I, p.46).

(If you care to invest more time researching these gentleman’s heretical, anti-christ beliefs, you can find these and more at the links for the article and book below.)

Wescott & Hort: Fathers of Modern Bible Translations

Heresies and Baslphemies of Wescott & Hort


So the bottom-line is that the translations which have subsequented the advent of the AV1611 KJV, at the very least have an inherent lean towards popery (chief  abusers of  scriptures/doctrines in previous centuries, which still to this very day hold the same doctrines to be true and binding) and paganism/ecumenism. Whether this was an intentional conspiracy by those who seek to restore the former temporal power of the papacy, or the natural byproduct of a translation by a majority of men who have beliefs and an understanding of theology not solely and strictly based on the Word/Spirit of God it’s hard to say.

Now you tell me, do you think holding such beliefs and maintaining such compromise effect the translation, and therefore likewise the theology which would naturally result were one to use such a translation to determine doctrine?

Let’s take for instance the “New King James Version”, which is supposedly based on the Textus Receptus although in many instances it agrees with the corrupted Greek manuscripts, ignoring the T.R. some 1,200 times. What if I told you that certain words were omitted from this translation, for instance, “blood” (23 times), “repent” (44 times), “hell” (22 times), “Lord” (66 times), “heaven” (50 times), “God” (51 times) (see previous link for source)? Or that certain entire verses are omitted altogether as being “not in the original manuscripts” and therefore are at best bracketed or relegated to footnotes at the bottom of the page, if not totally removed? (See article Bible Verses Not Included in Modern Translations)

These are the types of corrupt departures, manipulations, and omissions observed over and over again in the modern translations, and that tendeth to error and heresy.


Line for Line

At this point let’s make some actual comparisons of certain verses:

This first verse  we shall compare has a little back story. I was working for a lady year or so ago who’s husband had recently died of cancer and who was grieving. I was seeking to impart to her faith and hope in the scriptures as she was a believer, albeit more religious than spiritual. We both had our Bibles, and I told her to open to Isaiah 48:10, as I was speaking on how God uses trials to make us more pure christ-like. Little did I know she was not using the KJV, and when she read the verse from her version out loud, my jaw drop on the floor. Consider:

Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction-Isaiah 48:10, KJV

I refined you in the furnace of affliction, but found no silver there. You are worthless, with nothing good in you at all.-Isaiah 48:10, The Living Bible




Ye shall know them by their fruits

-found. of america

-evangalize world

-attack on KJV

-handel’s Messiah

-memorization of scripture

-God uses devils versions which were evil in intent for good (in spite of)just as jospeh


-verse that made barbara skrzypek cry from isaiah

The Perfect Bible

Today’s Dilemma

-new translations copyrighted

-occult symbols



-While it is sensible and essential to be KJV Onylist on the grounds that it is the most honest and accurate translation of the original manuscripts, with subsequent translations being based on the pro-Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, Westcott & Hort, and having Jesuits on the committee, nonetheless in esteeming the KJV to be PERFECT, unawares, we accomplish the same ends as the higher critics, namely, in attacking the foundation of the KJV, the underlying Textus Resceptus (Byzantine) and Masoretic majority text, on which the KJV TRANSLATION is based. Why WOULDN’T the preserved Word be the very language of the prophets and apostles through whom the Lord worked?

-Words have changed meaning… and Unicorns? Dragons? Satyrs? Etc?

-God, who is spirit, is the only Perfect and without flaw therefore His word is also spirit, and not fixed. If we seek to claim any given translation perfect we are essentially deifying it.
-If the KJV is in fact perfect, the ultimate conclusion should be that we not never consult underlying hebrew or greek
-If AV1611 only Word of God, by implication that means the Word of God only available to (old) english speaking peoples, and non-extant prior to 1611


-The prophecy regarding the daily (Dan 12:11), for instance, can only properly be understood by consulting underlying hebrew/aramaic

-preface of original 1611 KJV regarding word of God and translations
-implication of room for an improved translation (are you ready Dr. Gipp?)
-Old-english wonderfully eloquent, but unfortunately to general
populous “dead” as latin
-all Bible word of God (see point 1), but when it comes to determining doctrine accuracy is paramount importance, and obviously subsequent translations tend towards heresy and are pro-jeromes, and therefore at this point KJV safest version we have


-thus we find ourselves in the same position as the reformers, in need of
a faithful translation in language of the day.

-As the devil and those whom he leads always ultimately end up employing mimicry and often great degrees of truth to promulgate there errors, so is the translation issue today. Those who adapt the new translations because of their understanding of a need for the Word of God in a language which is common, relevant, and easy to understand to them, have fallen to his schemes, as these translations committees had secret agendas, and therefore the translation albeit in the common language, is unfaithful and cannot be trusted, nor deemed inspired. Therefore, at this point in history, to determine sound doctrine, the KJV is the most trustworthy and reliable, especially as it affords us access through the english language (albeit in a dated and unnecessarily extensive and thus difficult vocabulary), to the underlying original languages through the many lexicons and concordances available.

-shuts out many others,
-Perfect translation possible?
-Experience listening to Classical Music as relates to different recording/interpretations

-include quote from original preface from KJV about it being merely a translation




pro catholic (see his commentaries on revelation)

mt 17.21 removed

Robs virgin birth (behold young woman shall conceive instead of virgin isaiah)

Dan 3:25 son of God changed to one of the gods

Is 9 goofy, v1 removed

Acts 28:29 removed;CJB;CJB (removes Jesus from Godhead)


KING JAMES BIBLE = KING JACOB BIBLE  ( = KING GOD BIBlE = KING MESSIAH BIBLE see psalm 24:6 and my kindle version of spurgeon’s treassery of David for more. = God’s approved Bible.


***WHAT ABOUT THE NEW KING JAMES VERSION david cloud translation.pdf***

***Our Authorized Bible Vindicated by B.G. Wilkienson, 1930.pdf***


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