Books on Romanism, Etc.

Below you will find a list of titles spanning over 400 years.

The purpose of examining such a list is primarily for reference, illustrating an overwhelming historical record of evidence from unrelated sources covering such an extensive period of time. The titles will also be useful in guiding the research of individuals interested in such topics while presenting a good general outline of assertions which have been made throughout the ages. The content represented below will also present a more accurate account of history, as most of that so called being taught today, has been penned by the Jesuits themselves. As it’s commonly been quoted, “history is written by the victors”-unknown.

If you are interested in reading any one of the particular works listed, most can be downloaded for free at or otherwise, a quick google search by using the following format: book title” “.pdf.

The list of titles is not exhaustive, but only represents those which I actually posses in my digital or physical library. The works will be listed in Chronological order, and will be updated as my library continues to grow. If your unable to find a particular book listed after having tried yourself to locate it online, contact me at

  • The Babylonian Captivity of the Church by Martin Luther, 1520
  • Expositions of Scripture and Practice of Prelates by William Tyndale, 1536
  • Institutes of The Christian Religion by John Calvin, 1536
  • The Works of The English Reformers in Three Volumes (Volumes 1-3), 1536
  • Writings of Tyndale, Frith, and Barnes, 1536
  • Table Talk by Martin Luther, 1566
  • Fox’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe, 1580
  • Of Plimoth plantation by William Bradford, 1620
  • The Provincial Letters by Blaise Pascal, 1657
  • Of Antichrist, and his-ruin: and of the Slaying the Witnesses by John Bunyan, 1692
  • A Vanished Arcadia Account of Jesuits in Paraguay by R. B. Cunninghame Graham, 1760
  • The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Volumes 1-12) by Edward Gibbon, 1776
  • Romanism contradictory to the Bible: or, The peculiar tenets of the Church of Rome; as exhibited in her accredited formularies contrasted with the Holy Scriptures by Thomas Hartwell Horne, 1827
  • Light On Masonry by David Bernard, 1829
  • A Foreign Conspiracy: Against the Liberties of The US by Samuel Morse, 1835
  • The Thrilling Mysteries Of A Convent Revealed by T.B. Peterson, 1835
  • Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk and Mysteries of a Convent by T.B. Peterson, 1836
  • The Principles of The Jesuits- Extracts From It’s Own Authors by J.G and F. Rivington, 1839
  • Lectures on Romanism by Joseph F. Berg, 1840
  • The Great Apostasy Identical with Papal Rome by Joseph F Berg, 1842
  • Burning the Bibles by John Dowling, 1843
  • Papal Rome as it is by a Roman by L. Giustiniani, 1843
  • Rome’s Policy Towards The Bible- or Papal Efforts to Suppress the Scriptures in The Last Five Centuries, Exposed by An American Citizen, 1844
  • The Wandering Jew- A Tale of the Jesuits by Eugene Sue, 1844
  • History of The Reformation of The Sixteenth Century by J. H. Merle D’Aubigne, 1845
  • History of Romanism by John Dowling, 1845
  • The Roman Church and Modern Society by Edgar Quintet, 1845
  • Investigation of the Professed and General Principles of Exposition of Scriptural prophecies, and Especially of the Apocalypse by Cheltenham, 1847
  • History of the Jesuits (Volumes 1-3) by Andrew Steinmetz, 1848
  • The Jesuit Conspiracy The Secret Plan Of The Order by The Abbate Leone, 1848
  • The Latin church during Anglo-Saxon times by Henry Soames, 1848
  • Subterranean Rome by Carlos Didier, 1848
  • On The Decline of Protestantism by Joseph F. Berg, 1850
  • True Protestantism by T. Illman, 1850
  • A Complete History of the Popes of Rome Vol 1 by Lous Marie De Cormenin, 1851
  • Protestantism and Catholicity Compared in Their Effects on the Civilizations of Europe by J. Balmes, 1851
  • History of The Jesuits by G.B. Nicolini, 1854
  • Wide Awake! Romanism- It’s Aims and Tendencies by L.W. Granger, 1854
  • The Crisis: or, The Enemies of America Unmasked by J. Wayne Laurens, 1855
  • European Civilization: Protestantism and Catholicity Compared by Jaime Luciano Balmes, 1855
  • The Jesuits; a complete history of their open and secret proceedings from the foundation of the order to the present time by Theodor Griesinger, 1855
  • Paganism, Popery, and Christianity: Or the Blessing of an Open Bible by Joseph F. Berg, 1855
  • A Synopsis of the Moral Theology of Peter Dens by Joseph F. Berg, 1855
  • Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits by W.C. Brownlee, 1857
  • The Two Babylons- Papal Worship Proved to be The Worship of Nimrod and his Wife by Alexander Hislop, 1858
  • Catholicity, Protestantism and infidelity. An Appeal To Candid Americans by F.X. Weninger, 1861
  • The Temporal Power of the Vicar of Jesus Christ by Henry Cardinal Manning, 1862
  • The Puritans by Ernest Myers, 1869
  • Sermons on the Failure of Protestantism by F.C. Ewer, 1869
  • The History of Protestantism (Volumes 1-3) by J.A. Wylie, 1870
  • The History of the Waldenses By J.A Wylie, 1870
  • Military and religious life in the Middle Ages and at the period of the Renaissance by P. L Jacob, 1874
  • The Papacy and the Civil Power by R.W. Thompson, 1876
  • The Pope The Kings and The People: A History of the Movement to Make The Pope Governor of the World (Volumes 1-2) by William Arthur, 1877
  • Rome in Canada- The Ultramontane Struggle for Supremacy Over the Civil Authority by Charles Lindsey, 1877
  • Catholicity in Its Relationship to Protestantism and Romanism by Ferdinand Cartwright Ewer, 1878
  • The Jesuits Their Moral Maxims And Plots Against Kings, Nations, And Churches by JA Wylie, 1881
  • Engineer Corps of Hell by Edwin A. Sherman, 1883
  • Fifty Years in The Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, 1886
  • A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages (Volumes 1-3) by Henry Charles Lea, 1887
  • History of The Reformation of The Sixteenth Century by J.H. Merle D’ Aubigne, 1887
  • The Priest, the Woman, and The Confessional by Charles Chiniquy, 1887
  • Romanism and The Reformation by H. Grattan Guinness, 1887
  • The Papacy is The Antichrist by J.A. Wylie, 1888
  • Washington in the lap of Rome by Justin Dewey Fulton, 1888
  • History of The Christian Church (Volumes 1-8) by Philip Schaff, 1889
  • The Two Republics: or Rome and The United States of America by A.T. Jones, 1891
  • The Footprints of the Jesuits by R.W. Thompson, 1894
  • America or Rome, Christ or the Pope by John Lincoln Brandt, 1895
  • Rome’s Attack on Our Public Schools by John Lincoln Brandt, 1895
  • The Black Pope, A History of the Jesuits by M. F. Cusack (Formerly the Nun of Kenmare), 1896
  • Rome’s Responsibility for the Assasination of Abraham Lincoln by Thomas M. Harris, 1897
  • The Inquisition from its establishment to the great schism by A.L. Maycock, 1898
  • The Puritans by Ario Bates, 1899
  • Christian education in the dark ages (A.D. 476-A.D. 1100) by Eugene A Magevney, 1900
  • History of The Church (Volumes 1-3) by John Alzog, 1900
  • Ecclesiastical Empire by Alonzo Trevier Jones, 1901
  • The Jesuits by A.J. Scott, 1903
  • The Reformation and education (1520-1648) by Eugene A. Magevney, 1903
  • Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages by Ernest F. Henderson, 1903
  • Popery Puseyism Jesuitism by Luigi Desanctis, 1905
  • A History of The Inquisition of Spain (Volumes 1-4) by Henry Charles Lea, 1906
  • The Roman Catholic Church and it’s Relation to the Federal Government by Francis T. Morton, 1909
  • In Jesuit Land: The Jesuit Missions of Paraguay, by W.H. Koebel, 1912
  • Romanism a Menace to the Nation by Jeremiah Crolwey, 1912
  • The Jesuits in History by Hector Macpherson, 1914
  • Cassock and Sword by Charles Lenz, 1915
  • The Pope, Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue by Jeremiah J. Crowley, 1915
  • Romanism as a World Power by Luther Kauffman, 1922
  • Was Peter The First Pope by Jesse C. Stevens, 1923
  • The Jesuit Enigma by E Barrett Boyd, 1927
  • The 4th Degree Oath of The Knights of Columbus by Thomas E. Watson, 1928
  • Sabbath to Sunday by Carlyle B. Haynes, 1928
  • In Defense of the Faith by William Branson, 1933
  • The Revolutionary Movement: a diagnosis of world disorders by John Findlater, 1933
  • No Friend of Democracy by Edith Moore, 1941
  • Behind The Dictators: A Factual Analysis of The Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism by L.H. Lehmann, 1942
  • The Vatican in World Politics by Avro Manhattan, 1945
  • Catholic Church Against the Twentieth Century by Avro Manhattan, 1948
  • The Conspiracy To Destroy All Existing Governments and Religions by William Guy Carr, 1950
  • Last Day Delusions by Allen Walker, 1951
  • The Dollar and the Vatican by Avro Manhattan, 1957
  • What I Saw In Rome, by John F. Coltheart, 1958
  • Crime and Immorality in the Catholic Church by Emmett McLoughlin, 1962
  • The Vatican in Politics- Ultramontanism by Daniel DeLeon, 1962
  • The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan, 1972
  • The Secret History of Jesuits by Edmond Paris, 1975
  • Slavery and The Catholic Church by John Francis Maxwell, 1975
  • Vietnam: Why Did We Go by Avro Manhattan, 1984
  • Murder in the Vatican- American Russian and Papal Plots by Avro Manhattan, 1985
  • Vatican’s Holocaust by Avro Manhattan, 1986
  • The Conflict of the Ages- The Mystery of Lawlessness – Its Origin, Historic Development and Coming Defeat by Arno Gaebelein, 1988
  • Club of Rome by William Cooper, 1991
  • Be Wise as Serpents by Fritz Springmeier, 1991
  • A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester, 1991
  • Unholy Alliances: The Secret Plan and the Secret People Who are Working to Destroy America by James W. Wardner, 1996
  • What Hath God Wrought- A Biblical Interpretation of American History by William P. Grady, 1996
  • Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy, 1999
  • Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII by John Cornwell, 2000
  • Vatican Assassins- Wounded in the House of My Friends by Eric Jon Phelps, 2001
  • The Secret Terrorists (Jesuit Plot to Take Over USA) by Bill Hughes, 2002
  • Christmas, Easter, and Halloween: Where Did They Come From? by Vance Ferrell, 2003
  • Prophetic Tool Chest- Dismantling the Dispensational Futurism Delusion by D.S. Farris, 2003
  • The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia by Paul L. Williams, 2003
  • How Satan Turned America Against God (Understanding the Times) by William P. Grady, 2005
  • Christ and Antichrist by Samuel J. Cassels, 2015
  • The Vatican’s Mafia by Monsenor Rafael Rodrquez Guillen, unknown date


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